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Many of the product lines we carry are a result of customer inquiries or recommendations. We welcome and encourage your suggestions on new products.

LED scene lighting on sale                     Rope Bags on sale!

Choose from floor mount,                    Fits up to 150' - $ 49.00

tripod, or magnetic mount                   Fits up to 300' - $ 72.00 

110 V or rechargeable battery          Fits up to 600' - $ 89.00

Starting at $ 385.00                                 Other sizes available.

All prices are in Canadian funds, plus shipping and taxes.

Sale prices expire  June 15,2020

**NEW Bunker Gear                                             ** NEW** Forceable Entry

Detergent/Decon                                                             Door Wedge

Removes hydrocarbons,                                            Regular: $ 24.95

‚Äč oils, grease stains                                                             Sale: $ 22.00